Terms of Use

ZipMilk is a project of the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc. (“MBC”), which is responsible for oversight and maintenance of the overall site.

ZipMilk is designed solely to provide a platform for users to find breastfeeding support resources. MBC does not provide the data collected to anyone other than those conducting individual searches through the ZipMilk website. Data from providers collected here is not otherwise traded or sold.

While MBC requires states and entities that participate in ZipMilk to verify information collected to the greatest extent possible, and to update that information annually, MBC is not responsible for the accuracy of the information listed on the site. The resources on this site are not a substitute for medical advice.

MBC makes providers’ information available to the public through ZipMilk. Providers recognize that their information will be available to all users, and that they relinquish all rights, and hold MBC harmless, regarding ways in which the public may use the information.